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March 22 The First Terem Crossover International Music Competition kicked off at The State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg. The event has gathered over 70 musicians and bands from various countries. A unique feature of the Competition is its format which allows expanding the space for musicians’ self-expression, the festival press service reports. Entrants are granted maximum creative freedom: ensembles may comprise any instruments, and performers, in addition to classical music, may perform music in any style and...

Rubric: Region news
Subject: European Russian Forum

March 22 Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov and Director for American Programs of the Foundation N. Mihailov with Ambassador of Bolivia in the Russian Federation. Maria Luisa Ramos Urzagaste handed Vyacheslav Nikonov an invitation for participation in the "Peoples World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth's Rights”. The event will run from 20 to 22 April in the town of Cochabamba (Bolivia). The meeting agenda also included discussion of the...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: History

Russian team came first with 38 medals, followed by Germany with 24 medals and 19 medals for both Canada and Ukraine, Bloomberg reports. By the number of gold medals Germany gained the top position with 13 medals, Russia – the second with 12 medals and Canada – the third. March 30 Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev will meet the team’s medal holders at the Kremlin Palace to decorate them with the state awards....

22.03.2010 Subject: Space

March 19 Nabokov Museum based in St. Petersburg hosted a roundtable discussion and a presentation of the project “Nabokov’s House” funded by the Russkiy Mir Foundation. In his welcome speech Sergey Bogdanov, member of the Board of Trustees of the Russkiy Mir Foundation and Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Arts of St. Petersburg State University, said that the project “Nabokov’s House: Virtual World” was based on the latest museum-oriented multimedia technologies: virtual reconstructions...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: European Russian Forum

March 17 a roundtable discussion entitled “Revision of WW II Results and Contemporary Geopolitics. Public Discussions and New Publications” took place in Moscow. The event was organized by the Historical Perspective Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia. Among the vital issued discussed by the event participants were “Architecture of the Post-War World Order: Backbone Elements and Breaking Point”, “Revision of War Results: Objective Historical Process or Political...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Culture

March 17 a Festival of Russian Culture kicks off in Southern France, The Voice of Russia reports. The event runs as part of the Year of Russia in France. It is the seventh time that the French town of Tarbes hosts the festival “Russian Week: Russian Culture Yesterday and Today”. The event is organized each two years by the local theatre Ore Bleu. Among the films to be demonstrated during the festival are Alexander Nevsky by Sergei Eisenstein, Tzar by...

17.03.2010 Subject: Culture

A Bolshoi Theater ballet school based in Brazil will soon get its own premises, Kultura channel reports. The school located in the town of Joinville is the only Bolshoi ballet school in Brazil. Among its students are children from all Brazilian states and from neighboring countries. Construction of the future premises of the ballet school serves as a recognition of its success and popularity in Brazil. The school was founded ten years ago, and since that time performances of its students have...

16.03.2010 Subject: European Russian Forum

A festival-competition «Chopin-2010» marking the 200th anniversary kicked off March 15 at St. Petersburg Conservatory. According to organizers, the event program comprises piano competitions, workshops of famous musicians and singers, and a press conference focusing on Fr...

Rubric: Region news
Subject: European Russian Forum

March 15 President of The World Congress of Russian-Speaking Jewry Boris Shpigel announced the plans to create a new international organization – The Global Anti-Fascist Front. Development of the platform for the new organization is currently underway. This news was announced at a conference in Riga entitled “WW II Results: Victims, Righteous People, Liberators and Torturers”. “Indecent politicians focus their efforts on young people, who do not have any stable ideological beliefs, and...

16.03.2010 Subject: History

International Theatre Festival “Compatriots” kicks off on March 17 in the city of Saransk (the Republic of Mordovia), MordovMedia news agency reports. Among the participants are Youth Theatre “Na Fontanke” (St. Petersburg), Griboedov Dramatic Theatre (Tbilisi), and other theatre companies from Latvia, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine. Russian Dramatic Theatre of Mordovia, which hosts the festival, has staged a new play Do you remember, Alyosha…, which...

Rubric: Region news
Subject: European Russian Forum

March 15 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev became the first President of the USSR. In the article Perestroika Lost published in The New York Times, the last leader of the Soviet Union analyzed the results of own reign. “Our main mistake was acting too late to reform the Communist Party. The party had initiated perestroika, but it soon became a hindrance to our moving forward. The party’s top bureaucracy...

15.03.2010 Subject: Economics

March 28 St. Petersburg will host the opening of the 9th International Ballet Festival “Dance Open”, Baltinfo news agency reports. The program of the festival comprises six premiers, four special programs devoted to four outstanding Russian ballet dancers of the 20th century – Galina Ulanova, Tatiana Vecheslova, Vakhtang Chabukiani and Konstantin Sergeev. As part of the festival, there will also be held a press-conference of heads of world-famous ballet companies; concerts and workshops of the leading ballet...

Rubric: Region news
Subject: European Russian Forum

One War directed by Russian and filmmaker Vera Glagoleva has won the Grand Prix at The 14th Sofia International Film Festival in Bulgaria. The film narrates the drama of five Soviet women, who live in isolation on a small island together with their children, fathered by Nazi soldiers. According to Vera Glagoleva, she wanted to resurrect forgotten chapters of Russia’s turbulent past. “Unfortunately, the reality was much more horrible, than we imagine…I made this film for people to remember...

15.03.2010 Subject: Culture

The Russian team has completed Day one of Vancouver Paralympic Games with a total of eight medals – three of them golds – beating out their rivals in the biathlon. The other medals were three silvers and two bronzes. In second comes Ukraine with 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. Germany, Norway, Belarus and the USA have one medal each. Russia’s Irek Zaripov won the first gold medal was won by Irek Zaripov in the men’s 2.4-km biathlon pursuit. The second gold in men's 3 km pursuit (athletes with...

15.03.2010 Subject: Space


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New Publications

U.S. Republican senators have uncovered a secret Soviet agent sent to the United States back in 1991 to undermine the banking system there. This is the conclusion that can be drawn from the media buzz. It followed the Senate Banking Committee’s questioning of Professor Saule Omarova, Joe Biden's nominee for the top position in the U.S. Government Accountability Office, last week.
The Linguistics Forum 2021: Language Policy and Language Preservation was held at the Institute of Linguistic Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. How to preserve Russia's linguistic diversity amid the global decline in the number of languages? Director of the Institute of Linguistic Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences and linguist Andrej Kibrik has the answer.
Sergei Agadzhanyan, a man of muscle from outer Moscow, has been nicknamed the Russian Hulk for a series of world records in towing multi-ton machinery. In order to amaze the audience, the Russian man does not need trick effects, huge budgets, and special devices - he simply moves trains, planes, trucks, and motor ships, blowing rubber hot-water bags to rupture along the way.
The head of The Soviet War Cemetery Foundation from the Netherlands Remco Reiding has been taken care of the war memorial near Leusden and Amersfoort for more than twenty-five years. There are 865 Soviet prisoners of war and victims of Nazi concentration camps buried in the Rusthof Memorial Cemetery. More than 700 of them are still considered to be missing.
The biker movement emerged in the mid-20th century in Western countries. Its members sometimes interpreted the laws and rules quite freely. To this day, columns of motorcyclists in leather jackets cause puzzlement among police, drivers, and pedestrians. Russian-speaking bikers who open clubs and join associations in different countries around the world make efforts to change this attitude toward people on motorcycles. They take care of the Soviet soldiers graves, hold motorcycle rallies to commemorate war memorials, and help the authorities in keeping order.