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Photo credit: violetta / International Garden of Peace action started the day before, on April 25. It was organized by the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, the Continent of the USA Russian House, the International Center for Public Diplomacy of the MEPhI National Research...

27.04.2021 Subject: Community

The Russian Library in Sacramento, with the support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, hosts the Days of the Russian Language. Such events arouse interest in the native language and the desire to study it thoroughly. Not only the children who were targeted by the program, but also their parents took part in the concert, contests and...

Rubric: Grant news
Subject: Education

Photo credit: Editorial staff of the Russkiy Mir website  The Moscow Compatriot House (MCH), the Union of Russian Societies in Sweden and the Swedish-Russian Friendship Society held an online lecture on the history and collection of the Tretyakov Gallery. The lecture was the third in a...

26.04.2021 Subject: Culture

Photo credit: Bru-nO / The acceptance of works for the literary translation competition has started, according to the website of the Moscow House of Compatriot. The competition for connoisseurs of the Russian language in France will be the 4th in a row. It is organized by the...

26.04.2021 Subject: Community

Photo credit: nastyachernikova720 / Students of the school at the Russian Embassy in China visited Russian military cemeteries in the city of Dalian and paid tribute to the soldiers of the Russian and Soviet armies who died in various wars and clashes in the 19th and 20th centuries, the Russian Foreign Ministry...

26.04.2021 Subject: History


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New Publications

Eyewitnesses have said and written a lot about the events of the Great Patriotic War, about the ordeals suffered by the people. Every family has at least one story from this tragic period in our country’s life. On the threshold of Victory Day, let us look through the memories of those who led the military operations, and read the Marshals’ memoirs.
“Sometimes I wandered about a huge park in the center of New York and, looking at the skyscrapers that bordered it, thought with cold fury about wonderful American orchestras that didn’t care about my music…” Sergei Prokofiev wrote in 1918, immediately after emigration. The audience listening to The Love for Three Oranges, his opera, would never think that the composer of this brilliant sunny music could speak that bitterly about the country where he had his first real success. And that 18 years later, he would finally return to his homeland to see new openings for both life and creativity.
“Life of young people during pandemics in Russia and the US” is the topic of Zoom conversation between Lomonosov MSU students and the Russkiy Mir classroom- NAU (Northern Arizona University). The meeting host is Larisa Brener, Europe and Eurasia Initiatives Coordinator at NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona.
Balalaika Battle 29.04.2021
The I International online contest “Balalaika - Soul of Russia” brought together participants from all over the country, as well as from Ukraine, Belarus, and the Donetsk People's Republic. Mikhail Kiselev, director of the Moscow festival "Balalaika - Soul of Russia", said that today balalaika was associated not only with folk tunes, but quite modern music, and even jazz.
A sign of the new era is vaccine tourism to Russia. Foreigners are officially allowed to be vaccinated against coronavirus in the country. And it is quite easy to do this, whereas in most European countries those wishing to get vaccinated will have to stay for a long time on the waitlist. There were plenty of people willing to buy such an unusual tour. The Germans were the first to come to Moscow for the life-saving vaccine.