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Russian language test TruD to be held in 35 countries

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Russian language test TruD to be held in 35 countries


Foreign citizens studying the Russian language may take part in Total Dictation this year, TASS reports.

A customized test Trud (literally translated as “Work”) has been worked out particularly for those having no strong command of Russian, where TD is an abbreviation of Total Dictation and RU stands for the Russian language.

People from thirty-five counties around the world are welcome to join the test this year. The grounds will be opened in several dozens of cities. A major part of grounds will be available in Germany, Italy and Finland – four grounds in each country. Moreover, Trud will be held in the states of Asia, Africa, Europe and in the Americas.

The test includes six tasks of different levels. The beginners can complete only first tasks. The rest of the assignments are meant for people having a good command of the Russian language. All the tests will be checked by professional philologists. 

The test was conducted last year for the first time. More than a thousand participants from twenty-six countries took part in it including foreigners living in Russia.

As per the Russkiy Mir Foundation, international event Total Dictation will take place on April 8 this year. The text for the dictation was prepared by Russian writer Leonid Yuzefovich.

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