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February 18 the Russkiy Mir Foundation and the publishing house “Russkiy Yazik” conducted an overseas seminar in Matanzas (Cuba) at Engels School of Foreign Languages. The event was attended by the school director, head of the department of foreign languages, tutors and students. Representatives of the Russkiy Mir Foundation briefed the audience on its goals and educational activities, and conducted a video presentation of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg. After that the students...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Heart Memory

February 22 the UNESCO headquarters in Paris hosted an exhibition devoted to the 1,000th anniversary of an ancient Russian city of Yaroslavl. The event reflecting ten centuries of the city’s history was organized as part of the Year of Russia in France. It also a part of the UNESCO program developed for the year 2010, which had been proclaimed the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures. In 2005 Yaroslavl, famous for its old churches and other architectural monuments, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage...

24.02.2010 Subject: European Russian Forum

This February is marking the start of new project in Germany aimed at promotion of the Russian language among the local population. As part of the initiative a special bus named RussoMobile is now running across Berlin and Brandenburg with the aim to boost a percentage of students learning the Russian language (at present this figure is below 1%). RussoMobile carries a group of Russian language specialists, who visit schools, and attend various festivals of foreign languages in order to tell about Russia, its...

24.02.2010 Subject: Science

February 19 the Russian Center of Yerevan State University hosted a roundtable discussion “Visit to Hermitage”. The event was attended by representatives of the Russian Art Museum, and students of the Department of Tourism of the University. The welcome speech was made by Director of the Center Arusyak Nersesyan, who presented results of a three-day virtual excursion across Hermitage, which had attracted over 200...

24.02.2010 Subject: European Russian Forum

Only tend stands out of two thousand to be installed by the Victory Day will be devoted to Joseph Stalin’s role in the Great Patriotic War (WW II) victory, reports Interfax news agency. The event organizers also make the point that the information featuring on Stalin-related stands will be neutral and non-biased. Other stands and posters will tell about the input of the Soviet nation, the partisans movement, the crypto movement, the civil population, artists, actors and singers, architects and builders, doctors...

19.02.2010 Subject: History

World-famous Russian pianist Denis Matsuyev gave a brilliant performance in Washington at the Kennedy Center on February 18, reports ITAR-TASS. He played the Second Concert by Sergey Rachmaninoff together with Washington's National Symphonic Orchestra. In Washington Matsuyev is to play three concerts as part of the Spotlight on Russia program. On February 21, the Russian pianist will play a solo concert in Carnegie Hall in New York performing The Four Seasons by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, studies by...

19.02.2010 Subject: European Russian Forum

February 18 the State Duma Committee on the CIS Affairs and Communications with the Russian Diaspora has conducted a meeting devoted to activities of Russian cultural centers abroad and their initiatives aimed at preservation and promotion of the Russian language and culture and provision of support to Russians residing in the CIS. Among the speakers was Farit Mukhametshin, Director of the Federal Agency for Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation. The meeting as attended by representatives of...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Culture

Russian skiers Nikita Kryukov and Alexander Panzhinskiy won the golden and the silver medals respectively in the final round of a classic-style sprinter race at the Vancouver Olympic Games, the Voice of Russia reports. Kryukov and Panzhinskiy run the 1.6 km distance in 3.363 minutes. The third came Petter Northug of Norway, lacking 9.2 seconds behind the Russians....

18.02.2010 Subject: Space

Abdulkhakhim Ismailov, one of the three Soviet soldiers who hoisted a Victory Banner over the Reichstag in the spring of 1945 passed away in Dagestan (a Russian North Caucasus Republic), the Voice of Russia reports. The WW II veteran was 94. A photo taken by the war correspondent Yegeny Khaldey shows Ismailov and two other soldiers – Alexei Kovalyov Leonid Gorychev – hoisting a red banner on one of the Reichstag towers. This photo is much less known to the public than another one, in which sergeants Mikhail Yegorov...

17.02.2010 Subject: History

An exhibition entitled Stormriser devoted to Georgy Gapon kicks off February 17 at St. Petersburg Muzeum of Political History, Baltinfo news agency reports. The exhibition marks the 140th anniversary of the first Russia’s revolutionary leader. The exhibition comprises some 100 items, including rare photographs of Georgy Gapon and his family members, documents on the establishment and activities of the Assembly of Russian Factory and Mill Workers of St. Petersburg (headed by Gapon), and satirical...

Rubric: Region news
Subject: European Russian Forum

February 13 the Russkiy Mir Foundation conducted an event entitled Symbols of the Russian World at the Pushkin monument in Lenin park (Havana, Cuba). The first event of the kind took place at a monument to Anna Akhmatova in Moscow, and a second – in Madrid at the Pushkin monument in the frame of the book festival Liber-2009.   The Russian delegation – participants of the 19th International Havana Book Fair – Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov, Head of the Department...

Rubric: Foundation news
Subject: Heart Memory

eBay Inc will launch its Russian e-commerce web site in a month, the Russian BBC Service reports. According to Vsevolod Denisov from the Edelman Imageland public relations agency, Russian buyers will be able to search for items by typing their names in Russian, whilst their price will be automatically recalculated in rubles. Certain Russian experts believe that to reach popularity the website is not only to offer a Russian interface, but also to solve delivery and payment issues by making them...

17.02.2010 Subject: Russian Language

February 16 the Bolshoi Theater performed the ballet Spartacus at the Kennedy Arts Center in Washington, reports ITAR-TASS. The legendary ballet staged by the renowned choreographer Yuri Grigorovich was a tremendous success. Set to music written by Aram Khachaturian, Grigorovich's production of Spartacus has circumnavigated the world more than once since it was premiered 40 years ago, starring several generations of brilliant dancers, the Voice of Russia reports. Among them the living ballet legend Vladimir...

17.02.2010 Subject: European Russian Forum

The Year of Greece in Russia and the Year of Russia in Greece will be held in 2014, Kultura television channel reports. This news was announced February 16 by Greek Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yeoryios Papandreou at a meeting with the State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov. According to Papandreou, our countries “have similar traditions, culture and history,” and his current visit “is just another step forward". Russia and Greece are planning to...

16.02.2010 Subject: European Russian Forum

February 15 a boarding school Rafael Ayau of the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage (Guatemala) hosted the opening of the Russian Room. The school was founded in the 19th century, and since 1996 has been under the patronage of the Saint Trinity Orthodox Monastery. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov attended the opening ceremony and presented the orphanage...

16.02.2010 Subject: Heart Memory


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New Publications

Every year in April we commemorate the glorious day of April 12, 1961. It was the day when Yuri Gagarin, the first man of the new space era, was brought to near-earth orbit by the Vostok-1 spacecraft. The flight lasted just a little over an hour and a half, but it turned Gagarin into a figure that has been admired throughout the world ever since. The feat accomplished by Gagarin 60 years ago inspires us to recall the incredible connection of his story with Lolita Torres - a singer and one of the top actresses from Argentina's golden era of cinema.
In 2021, the Lake Baikal Ice Marathon was held on Baikal for the 17th time. The reporter of the Dutch newspaper de Volksrant decided to test himself and overcome 42 kilometers at -29 degrees Celsius and in a scorching wind. He was joined by other 60 athletes.
General Nikolai Berzarin, the first post-war commandant of Berlin, was the very person that Berlin and its residents literally owed their lives to. But today very few people remember this feat of his. Ekaterina Dettmering, our compatriot from Germany, is the mind behind The Last Feat of Nikolai Berzarin project. And today the exhibition about this extraordinary person moves from online to offline.
In February, the House of Russia Abroad launched Portraits of Women in the Russian Scientific Community Abroad in the 20th Century, a series of public lectures. In the lead-up to International Women's Day, we talked with Natalia Masolikova,  the author of the series, about how Russian women emigrants made their way to scientific heights, and what united them despite all the differences in characters and destinies.
International Women's Day has been celebrated for over a hundred years, but the path to women's independence began much earlier. This topic was of utmost importance to the public. There were starkly differing views, and many swards were crossed over disputes about women’s rights and their role in public life.