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Putin: Russia is interested in repatriation of Russian scientists from abroad

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Putin: Russia is interested in repatriation of Russian scientists from abroad


Picture: Administration of Russian President  Russia is interested in luring back the scientists who have gone to work abroad, Russian President claimed. He made this statement during the meeting with participants of the World Festival for Youth and Students, TASS reports.

The head of state has clarified that only those who can move the science forward should return. At this, Putin has added that Russia is interested in repatriation of all its citizens. He has also promised that the project of mega scientific grants is to be prolonged. Financing of this project has already been allocated for the next several years.

According to the president, places of studying and work of the young specialists should be connected. Mega grants will be provided in several stages to postgraduates as well as PhD scientists.

Vladimir Putin has added that he is glad to see that young researchers are concerned about future of the national sciences.

Russian leader believes that the country should contribute to educational and health care systems. Putin has noted that it is difficult to put any of these directions into the first place. The life of a person is of great value, so, more likely, health care system is number one priority at the moment.

Vladimir Putin has also stressed out that Moscow is going to execute all its obligations undertaken in terms of Paris Agreement on climate change.

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