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Fifth competition in Russian for schoolchildren concludes in Israel

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Fifth competition in Russian for schoolchildren concludes in Israel


The fifth competition in the Russian language for schoolchildren, organized by the Israeli Center for the Support of Children's Creativity in cooperation with the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Israel and the Russkiy Mir Foundation, ended in Israel.

The purpose of the competition is to preserve and popularize the Russian language in Israel and to increase the interest in studying it among the younger generation of Russian-speaking Israelis. The competition was held from October 1 among schoolchildren in three age groups (from 7 to 18 years old) and consisted of two full-time rounds - qualifying and final.

The winners were awarded with medals, diplomas and prizes during a solemn ceremony in the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv on December 12. The art director of the Israeli Center for the Support of Children's Creativity and the organizer of the competition Irina Deitch, jury members, expert philologists - the teacher of the Russian language at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Marina Niznik, and the methodologist of the Russian Cultural Center Dr. Tatyana Yatsyuk - took part in the ceremony.
About 800 schoolchildren who studied Russian in Israeli schools, Russian-speaking cultural and educational centers and evening schools from all regions of the country participated in the competition. 60 contestants made it to the final.

The winners were awarded with certificates, medals and the latest Russian editions of Russian literature. Two participants received tablets for originality and creativity.

The teachers of the Russian language, who prepared their students for the competition, were awarded with thanks and prizes.

Four winners also received the certificates for a trip to Russia during the summer holidays as part of the cultural and educational project Hello, Russia!
The winners performed poems and songs in Russian during the evening.

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