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Russia plans to send COVID-19 vaccine to Peru and Argentina

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Russia plans to send COVID-19 vaccine to Peru and Argentina


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Russia plans to supply Sputnik V vaccine to Argentina and Peru, TASS reports. Kirill Dmitriev, who heads the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), promised that the signing of an agreement with these countries would be announced as soon as possible. According to him, these agreements will supplement the list of existing agreements with Mexico, Brazil and some other countries.

Dmitriev also said that the vaccine could be supplied to Latin American countries at the end of this year. He explained that delivery times depended on several factors, including drug approval.

Russia has received applications for the supply of over one billion vaccines. It is hoped that up to ten million doses of Sputnik V will be produced every month by the end of the year.

The vaccine has shown high efficacy in testing. 16,000 volunteers have already taken part in the third phase of testing.

More than fifty countries are interested in the Sputnik V vaccine. The third phase of clinical trials in the next few months will cover several states. Venezuela is the first non-CIS country to test the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Volunteers in Brazil, India, the United Arab Emirates and other countries can join it. 25 million doses of Sputnik V vaccine will be shipped to Nepal.

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