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"Space" race will be held in New York on April 12

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"Space" race will be held in New York on April 12


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The "Space" race, timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space, will take place on April 12 in Central Park in New York. The organizer will be the Russian Running Club New York, which traditionally gathers Russian compatriots living in the United States for races dedicated to Russian holidays and memorable dates, according to the Russian Youth of America Facebook page.

The organizers note that the race on Cosmonautics Day will take place in any weather. Those who wished were offered to wear costumes corresponding to the theme of the event. The participants will run in the evening with glow sticks in hand.

In March, the Pancake Run took place in New York, timed to coincide with Maslenitsa. The participants of the race went to the city center wearing clothes with Russian symbols and elements of Russian folk costume.

Also, Russian-speaking residents of the United States were invited to join the test on the history of space exploration and become a participant in the # y_gagarin flash mob. As part of the flash mob, young people went to the center of New York with portraits of Yuri Gagarin.

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