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Russia's MFA announced retaliatory measures due to sanctions imposed by Washington

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Russia's MFA announced retaliatory measures due to sanctions imposed by Washington


The Russian Foreign Ministry announced reciprocal steps to the next anti-Russian attack from Washington.

The department noted that they had repeatedly warned that such actions by the United States could not remain unanswered. It is a pity that the US do not want to put up with the fact that in the modern world there is no place for unilateral dictatorship. In addition, the development of the course for the so-called "containment of Moscow" has already gone bankrupt. All this only leads to an increasing degradation of bilateral interaction.

At the same time, the US authorities continue to hypocritically call for a refusal to "escalate," which means a call for Russia to agree, to be spoken to from a position of strength.

American diplomats will be expelled from Russia. In addition, the same step will be followed with regard to the Polish embassy. Since Warsaw, following the example of Washington, demanded the expulsion of three Russian diplomats, five representatives of the Polish embassy will be expelled from Russia.

The practice of short-term business trips through the Department of State to ensure the work of embassies is also limited. The issuance of visas to short-term travelers will be minimized. They can be received by up to 10 people annually on a reciprocal basis.

The American embassy and other diplomatic missions are prohibited from hiring employees from among Russians and citizens of third countries. In addition, the Memorandum of Understanding on the "open land" will no longer be in force due to constant violations by American diplomats of the rules of travel on Russian territory.

In Russia, American foundations and non-governmental organizations controlled by the State Department and other American state institutions will be closed.

In the current "extremely tense" situation, the Russian and American ambassadors should be in their capitals to analyze the situation and hold consultations.

In response to the imposed sanctions against Russian officials, the entry to Russia is closed for 8 current and former American high-ranking officials and figures involved in the implementation of the anti-Russian course.

Russia would like to avoid further escalation with the United States, the department stressed. The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that they are ready for a calm and professional dialogue with Washington for the sake of normalizing bilateral ties. However, not a single wave of sanctions "will go unpunished," the Foreign Ministry noted.

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