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Spain unveils Russian literature in the International Educational Environment project

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Spain unveils Russian literature in the International Educational Environment project


Complutense de Madrid University and Granada University present international project dedicated to innovational methods of teaching Russian literature to foreigners on May, 24 in Madrid. The project is made with support of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.
Among paricipants were Dr. D. Eugenio Luján Martínez, dean of the Faculty of Philology, Dr. Isabel García Adánez, Director of the Department of German Philology and Slavic Studies, Dr. D. Rafael Guzmán Tirado, researcher of the project (University of Granada), Dr. Salustio Alvarado Socastro, project researcher (Complutense University of Granada)

In a frames of the project, coordinated by professor at the Department of Greek and Slavic Studies at the University of Granada Larisa Sokolova, a Russian literature digital learning resourse was created. It consists of 13 modules (theoretical and practical). From the beginning of June this resource to be publicly available on the officialUniversity of Granada website.

The first module of the project is The History Russian Literature of IX-XI centuries monograph in paper and digital format. It’s authors are Larisa Sokolova, Salustio Alvarado, and Rafael Guzmán Tirado.

The issue is unique because today it is the only Russian literature book in in the Hispanic world, written in Spanish language. The last history of Russian literature textbook for the Spaniards dates from 1932, In the coming monograph the historical-cultural dialogue with Spanish culture and its correlation in Russian literature take important part.

From June, there will be 12 modules available at thewww.elrusoenespana.comwebsite.

Rafael Guzmán Tirado, Granada


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