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Lecture on Russian film history held in Granada

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Lecture on Russian film history held in Granada


Last week, the Russian Center of the University of Granada, together with the Pushkin Institute of the University of Cadiz, held an event dedicated to the origins of Russian cinema.

The chief librarian of the Cervantes Institute in Manila, Carlos Valmaceda, spoke about when and how cinema appeared in Russia, showed photographs illustrating the early period in the development of Russian cinema, and spoke about the first directors and their films. Carlos spent five years in Moscow, where he began to study Russian and became interested in the history of Russian cinema.

The meeting was held online. About 30 people joined the videoconference. The success of the event inspired the Russian Center in Granada and the Pushkin Institute in Cadiz to continue their cooperation and organize a course dedicated to the beginning of  cinema in Russia.

Nina Kresova, Granada

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Recently FSB declassified the original text of the 1946-1948 Tokyo International Military Tribunal verdict. It referred to the plans of imperialist Japan to seize the Soviet Far East and Siberia. Just a day before the opening of the international forum dedicated to the 1949 Khabarovsk War Crime Trials has started. The forum was dedicated to the trial over Kwantung Army soldiers accused of developing and using bacteriological weapons.
There are some good news for art connoisseurs. From now on every person can buy an exhibit from the Hermitage. Of course the buyer should possess a certain amount of money. All this has become possible thanks to new technologies.