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Heritage Festival in Canada welcomes Russian Pavilion

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Heritage Festival in Canada welcomes Russian Pavilion


Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0)

Songs and dances by Russian folklore groups, a folk crafts fair, Russian cuisine and much more  presented the Russian Pavilion to the guests of the annual Heritage festival. It was held in Edmonton, the press service of organizations of Russian compatriots in Canada reports.

The Heritage Festival is dedicated to the culture of the peoples of Canada. Russian pavilion traditionally attracts many guests.

Besides the Russian folk crafts exhibit, Russian compatriots held a series of concerts with the participation of Russian, Ukrainian, Klezmer, Caucasian and Baltic folk groups.

Folk dances, songs and ditties were performed. Typical Eastern European food was served: dumplings, pancakes, pies, vinaigrette, kvass drink. More than twenty Russian-speaking volunteers  including children, were very happy to join the volunteer team and greet the guests. 

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