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International Music Academy opened in Moscow

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International Music Academy opened in Moscow


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More than 20 children have been admitted to the International Academy of Music, founded by Russian pop musician and songwriter, Nikolai Agutin, TASS reports.

The Academy became the first project of the Foundation for the Support of Musical Creativity and Art. The organizers had received about 100 applications, of which they selected 21 young musicians aged 4 to 17 years. Most of them are Russians, but there are also children from the United States and Cyprus. Two gifted children will study for free, at the expense of donations.

Children are going to learn to sing in different languages, study solfeggio, and acting. They will also learn to play musical instruments and even study video blogging. Larisa Dolina, the head of the department of pop and jazz singing at the Moscow State Institute of Culture, helped to select teachers.

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