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World's largest orchestra performed Tchaikovsky's music

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World's largest orchestra performed Tchaikovsky's music


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The orchestra, which performed Tchaikovsky's music in Caracas, has been recognized as the largest in the world, TASS reports.

The orchestra brought together over 12,000 people, mainly from the National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras.  gathered in the main square of Caracas. They performed the Marche Slave by Tchaikovsky in the presence of representatives of the Guinness Book of Records.

For the record to be taken ito account, it was necessary to perform a piece of music for at least five minutes, while the performers had to play the instruments simultaneously.

The last record with the largest orchestra in the world was set in 2019 in St. Petersburg. More than 20,000 people of many nationalities performed at the Gazprom Arena stadium. They sang the Russian anthem accompanied by 8097 musicians. 

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