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News The Russian experts in tourism expect an increase of the tourist flow by 20 percent next year, according to RIA Novosti. As per Executive Director of Association of Tour Operators of Russia Maya Lomidze, these are the most cautious forecasts so far. She has mentioned that the majority of fans who came...

19.07.2018 Subject: Travel

Crimean authorities are ready to simplify the visa-getting regime for tourists from abroad, according to RIA Novosti. According to the Crimean Republic’s Parliament’s member Alexey Chernyak, mobile entrance centers for foreigners are to be set up, in order to get a visa by following a simplified procedure. He has explained...

04.06.2018 Subject: Travel Tourist routes around the Crimean Peninsula are planned for Chinese tourists. A delegation from  tourist companies collaborating with the Chinese colleagues are setting off to Crimea this year. Their trip is organized by the China Tourism Association, TASS informs.  ...

29.05.2018 Subject: Travel

Flickr/Nick Ares The first Russian Gold Mining Festival on prospecting the gold by rule of thumb is to take place in the Magadan region from June 13 until June 15. The guests of the Festival will take part in the Lucky Strike competitions turning them into gold miners in...

29.05.2018 Subject: Travel Russian Village to appear in one of China provinces, RIA Novosti reports. Russian Village to be built in famous Tianzhu Mountains area. This area attracts tourists from other regions of China and from abroad. It is planned that Russian arts and crafts will be available...

28.04.2018 Subject: Travel

Sakhalin Island has entered a list of the most fascinating places on the planet, the Russian Newspaper reports. The Island was included into the ranking comprised by TravelPluse American magazine. As per the magazine, the ranking is based on beauties of nature and how far the place is in relation to traditional tourist...

15.02.2018 Subject: Travel

The British often choose Russia as a tourist destination, RIA Novosti reports. Our country has entered the top-10 popular destinations of the British tourists. The ranking was compiled by the Wanderlust travel magazine, UK. It is based on the number of the tourists from UK having attended this or that country as well as on their...

12.02.2018 Subject: Travel


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New Publications

Since the beginning of the unrest in Kazakhstan, some media and Telegram channels have speculated about the threat to Russians living in the Republic. Allegedly, the introduction of CSTO forces would put them in danger due to the rise of Kazakh nationalism. Izvestia talked to Russians living in the country to find out how the January events had affected their relations with Kazakhs. Interviewees claimed that the introduction of CSTO peacekeepers had no effect on interethnic dialogue because the Russians living in the Republic were not associated with Russia - they were locals. However, according to Izvestia's interlocutors, there is still intolerance at the mundane level.
Vladimir Kanevsky moved from St. Petersburg to the U.S. in the 1980s. He's got engaged in creating porcelain flowers instead of architecture, which was an unexpected move even for him. Now designers of international fame collect exquisite bouquets by Vladimir Kanevsky, and the best museums of the world arrange exhibitions of his works.
Russian animator Sergey Merinov opened the first Russian online school of clay animation and was amazed by the geography of applications received. They were sent by people from Moscow to Khabarovsk in Russia, as well as from the USA, Colombia, Finland, and other countries. They all wanted to study the most labor-consuming type of animation.
Stepan Erzia was a Mordvin sculptor who lived in Soviet Russia and Argentina. The Erzia Center in Moscow houses a collection of unique sculptural replicas. Most of them are the casts from the artist's works kept in South America, although there are some originals as well.