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Vladimir Emelianenko The head of The Soviet War Cemetery Foundation (Stichting Sovjet Ereveld) from the Netherlands Remco Reiding has been taken care of the war memorial near Leusden and Amersfoort for more than twenty-five years. There are 865 Soviet prisoners of war and victims of Nazi concentration camps buried in the Rusthof Memorial Cemetery. More than 700 of them are still considered to be missing. Remco Reiding has been to Russia more than once. This time he came because of the first digital textbook on the search for missing persons from World War II, the Almanac GenExpo. We talked about how he had managed to...

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Sergey Vinogradov Bikers from the Sentinels of Memory Association (Germany) at the Soviet war memorial The biker movement emerged in the mid-20th century in Western countries, and its members sometimes interpreted the laws and rules quite freely. To this day, columns of motorcyclists in leather jackets cause puzzlement among police, drivers, and pedestrians. Russian-speaking bikers who open clubs and join associations in different countries around the world make efforts to change this attitude toward people on motorcycles. They care for the graves of Soviet soldiers, hold motorcycle rallies to commemorate war...

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Svetlana Smetanina The Tastes of Russia National Competition for Regional Food Brands was held for the second time in a row in Russia. Everyone could participate in online popular vote and choose their favorite products in three different regions until November, 7. There are 8 nominations in the competition. The winners are to be chosen from 720 brands from all regions of Russia. Kologrivsky goose and Buryat buuz Tastes of Russia, the first National Competition held by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation last year, aroused great interest among the residents who actively...

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Editor’s office of the Russkiy Mir Portal Louis de Funès in The Wing or the Thigh An important event has happened in the Russian restaurant business: nine Moscow restaurants received Michelin stars for the first time in history. Until recently none of the restaurants on the territory of Russia and CIS had been listed in these most prestigious Guides to the world of high and delicious cuisine. Almost a year ago, the international restaurant guide announced its entry into the Russian market. They decided to start with Moscow. But before publishing the guide to Moscow establishments, Michelin experts had...

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Editor’s office of the Russkiy Mir Portal The Bronze Horseman is an equestrian statue of Peter the Great in Saint Petersburg. Photo credit: Godot13 / 300 years ago, on October 22 (November 2), 1721, at the end of the victorious Great Northern War with Sweden, the Russian kingdom was proclaimed an empire. This happened when Tsar Peter the Great accepted the title of Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia, Peter the Great, and Father of the Fatherland at the request of the senators. The empire existed for nearly two centuries. It ceased to exist after the abdication of Nicholas II on September 1 (14),...

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Irina Mkrtchyan There are about two million Armenians living in Russia today. But when it comes to Russians living in Armenia, there are about 15,000 people only. But both of them continuously split time between two homes and strengthen the ties between our countries - economic, cultural, and spiritual. And these ties go deep into the past, many centuries ago. We will tell you in this article how the first Russians settled in Armenia and how their descendants live in Armenia today imbued with the local culture while preserving the national traditions. Ryabinushka Ensemble Photo credit: Mir 24 Life in the...

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Photo credit: Free-Photos / Foreign musicians often turn to the performance of famous Russian songs. They record Russian and Soviet hits not for the Russian-speaking audience, but for local fans. REN TV spoke about the growing popularity of Russian-style parties in... .
Photo credit: M. Denisov / (CC BY 4.0) Over the past year, Moscow has become safer, as well as improved ecology and medicine. This is evidenced by the Numbeo ranking of cities. The ranking is compiled on the basis of Internet voting. In the crime category, Moscow was named... .
Photo credit: The All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean" / Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Chub, who was preparing for a trip to the United States to train at the Lyndon Johnson Space Center, has been denied a US visa. The cosmonaut , whose flight to the... .
Photo credit: V. Novikov / Press Service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow / (CC BY 4.0) Moscow has applied to host the World Universal Exhibition (EXPO) in 2030. If Moscow wins the bid, it will be the first time Russia hosts the largest exhibition in the world, the... .
Photo credit: MasterTux / 217 athletes are going to represent Russia at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, which will open on February 4. The entire Russian delegation includes 509 people. 109 sets of medals will be awarded at the Games, TASS reports.   The first... .