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Photo credit: Foreigners put blind trust in stories about Russian bears, nuclear threat and ubiquarian KGB agents. However, the list of the most convincing myths about Russia is topped by the one of Russian drinking. It turned out to be so strong and persistent that even the Russians have believed it. It is not a mere coincidence that our fellow citizens think Russian people have always drunk, and a holiday feast is considered to be a national tradition. Who made the whole world believe the banal stereotypes? Why do all historians claim the opposite and who benefits from the myth of Russian drinking? ...

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Svetlana Smetanina Our compatriot community includes a lot of dynamic female members that have managed to realize their potential in another countries and provide assistance to those who have faced difficulties. Elizaveta Donnery, a solicitor from Ireland, Natalia Zhukova, a family psychologist from Finland, and Anastasia Tikhonova, a member of the Russian Women Association in Malaysia and a volunteer helping women who face domestic violence, tell us about their activities. Elizaveta Donnery, a solicitor and notary public, lives in Ireland. She has been working as a solicitor there for 12 years and became a notary public...

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Editor’s office of the Russkiy Mir Portal The last lifetime portrait of Mikhail Kutuzov with the ribbon of the Order of Saint George of First Class, by Alexander Volkov, 1813. Photo credit: Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev-Kutuzov, an outstanding Russian military leader and diplomat, was born on 09.16.1745, 275 years ago. Everyone knows about Kutuzov’s military talent, his achievements in the wars with the Turks and Napoleon. Let us look into a little less known, but incredibly remarkable facts from our great compatriot’s life. The wrong date Perhaps, it is worth to start with the fact...

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Svetlana Smetanina The 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica is celebrated in 2020 – 2021. However, its history still has some unknown pages. For example, few people know about a person, without whom both the expedition and the very discovery of the ice continent might not have taken place. We are talking about Ivan Ivanovich de Traversay (French: Jean Baptiste Prevost de Sansac, marquis de Traversay), Minister of the Navy. Vitaly Sychev, a member of the Russian Geographical Society and expert of IOC UNESCO, has shared some interesting details. - You have been studying history of the discovery...

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Sergey Vinogradov As the Russkiy Mir reported, residents of Papua New Guinea addressed the head of the Russian Orthodox Church with a collective petition to establish an Orthodox mission in their country. This proposal was put forward after Kirill Shrakbul, a priest and head of the ROC mission in Taiwan, had visited Papua New Guinea. The priest described the visit as the most successful of his missionary trips. During meetings with local residents, about a thousand Papuans declared their readiness to convert to Orthodoxy. Kirill Shrakbul told the Russkiy Mir about his trip, prospects for the Orthodox mission in Papua New...

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Editor’s office of the Russkiy Mir Portal Photo credit: On September 1, millions of children in Russia went to school. And millions of their peers in Ukraine also went to schools. Everything seems to be the same: flowers, bows, well-dressed children, excited parents... And yet there is a difference and a very significant one: children in Russia go to schools to study in their native language. However, starting with this academic year, hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking children no longer have this opportunity in Ukraine. From now on, all children from schools with Russian...

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Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) A telephone conversation between Russian and American presidents Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden took place on the eve of April 13, the website of the President of Russia reports. The American side was the initiator of the phone call. ... .
Photo credit: Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved the composition of the Board of Trustees, Supervisory Board and Board of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. He signed the corresponding decree the day before, on April 12.  It is indicated... .
Photo credit: artisano / Russian compatriots living in Ireland were offered to join the Garden of Remembrance international action held in different countries of the world in honor of Soviet citizens who died during the Great Patriotic War. Compatriots can become... .
Photo credit: PIRO4D / The 5th To the Stars regional chess tournament, timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space, brought together participants from nine countries in Africa and the Middle East. The competitions were held online,... .
On April 10, the Total Dictation took place. The Russian Center of the Tchaikovsky House in Hamburg took part in the organization of this international educational campaign for the 5th time. This year, due to the prevailing epidemiological situation, the Total Dictation... .