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Julia Goryacheva Sergey Olyunin is the founder and co-owner of the Names and Epochs, the museum of plasticine mini-sculpture located in the Izmailovo Kremlin in the east of Moscow. The artist elaborates Russkiy Mir on how this project came about and on its major exhibitions - The Pillars of the Empire, The Tragedy of Russian Time of Troubles, and The Tales of Old Moscow. Sergey Olyunin – Sergey, how did your Names and Epochs Mini-Sculpture Museum come about? – We kept a collection of figures of world history characters in our house for many years. It had been made by two...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Общество

Svetlana Smetanina RSL - Reboot 2021: Lessons from the Pandemic forum brought together teachers of Russian as a foreign language from all over Russia and abroad to Moscow. The head of the forum organizing committee Oleg Ilyasov talks about the new lessons RSL teachers have learned during the pandemic. – RSL - Reboot 2021: Lessons from the Pandemic, a large-scale forum, has just ended. Was it held for the first time? – Our colleague Alyona Kalvinkovskaya has started to implement this idea back in 2018 and held an informal forum, i.e. a meeting of authors of RSL textbooks. Then there was a pause for...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: RussianLanguage

Svetlana Smetanina Kevin De Ridder is a recent student and now is a state worker from Belgium, who learned Russian language by his own. He took part in the Leaders of Russia contest. He told the Russkiy Mir about his love for Russian language and plans to open youth branch of the Russian Geographical Society in Belgium. Kevin De Ridder - Not so long ago you've become a winner of the Russian language olympiad. How did you become interested in learning Russian language? - I've heard this amazing language for the...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Общество

Photo: The Center for International Education of NAU “Life of young people during pandemics in Russia and the US” is the topic of Zoom conversation between Lomonosov MSU students and the Russkiy Mir classroom - NAU (Northern Arizona University). The meeting host is Larisa Brener, Europe and Eurasia Initiatives Coordinator at NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona. - We greet everyone here. Today is the last day on this semester, but we hope that it’s going to continue for a long time! Today’s topic is the life of contemporary youth, students. We encourage you to tell us about...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Education

Svetlana Smetanina The I International online contest “Balalaika - Soul of Russia” brought together participants from all over the country, as well as from Ukraine, Belarus, and the Donetsk People's Republic. Mikhail Kiselev, director of the Moscow festival "Balalaika - Soul of Russia", said that today balalaika was associated not only with folk tunes, but quite modern music, and even jazz. – Balalaika - Soul of Russia is a project that has been in existence for about 10 years. But previously, the festival organizers did not hold balalaika contests. Why was it decided differently this year? ...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Culture

Svetlana Smetanina General Nikolai Berzarin, the first post-World War 2 commandant of Berlin, was the very person that Berlin and its residents literally owed their lives to. But today very few people remember this feat of his. Ekaterina Dettmering, our compatriot from Germany, is the mind behind The Last Feat of Nikolai Berzarin project. And today the exhibition about this extraordinary person moves from online to offline. – How did you come up with the idea of an exhibition dedicated to the first Soviet commandant of Berlin, General Nikolai Berzarin? – The idea came up based on personal experience. I have...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: History


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Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) More than 200 Russian publishing houses present their novelties at the 34th Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF). It started on Friday, September, 24, TASS reports. More than 300 events are included in the MIBF program. Creative... .
Photo credit: Nine countries are united by the festival of puppet theaters, which bears the name of Sergei Obraztsov, the website of the Ministry of Culture writes on its website. Its results were summed up the day before, on September, 22, in Moscow. The forum,... .
Photo credit: Cossack dance / Days of Spiritual Culture of Russia started the day before, September 22, in the capital of Serbia, the Balkanist newspaper reports. They are dedicated to the anniversary of the beginning of the Serbian-Turkish war - the volunteers from... .
Photo credit: FireFX / The Orpheus classical music radio station has launched Russia's first media platform for academic music. Its users can listen to radio broadcasts and classical music on Internet radio, watch concerts, opera performances, and live broadcasts for... .
Photo credit: WorldSkills UK / (CC BY 2.0) The Russian team will compete for the awards of the European championship in professional skills (EuroSkills), TASS reports. The championship kicks off on Wednesday, September, 22, in Graz, Austria. Russia is... .