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Sergey Vinogradov November is the month of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Admirers of his work globally celebrate the 199th anniversary of the Russian classic’s birth and the 140th anniversary of The Brothers Karamazov, his last novel that a lot of people consider to be the writer’s best work. One of the panel discussions at the 14th Assembly of the Russkiy Mir is be dedicated to the modern readers’ perception of Dostoevsky's work and features of his poetic manner, which turned his works into immortal classics. On November 3, scholars, representatives of the writer's museums and the International Dostoevsky Society, member of...

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Subject: Culture

Vladimir Emelianenko Jerzy Tyts. The photo is provided by the press service of the Russian Military Historical Society especially for the Russkiy Mir Jerzy Tyts, important Polish public figure, has come to Russia with the idea to install in Krakow a monument to Red Army soldiers who saved the mined city from being blown up by the Nazis in 1945. The truth is that the idea seems fantastic - for now. It represents his response to the Institute of National Remembrance (INR) of Poland that got into an argument with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the background of World War II. According to insights of the...

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Subject: Общество

Svetlana Smetanina Our compatriot community includes a lot of dynamic female members that have managed to realize their potential in another countries and provide assistance to those who have faced difficulties. Elizaveta Donnery, a solicitor from Ireland, Natalia Zhukova, a family psychologist from Finland, and Anastasia Tikhonova, a member of the Russian Women Association in Malaysia and a volunteer helping women who face domestic violence, tell us about their activities. Elizaveta Donnery, a solicitor and notary public, lives in Ireland. She has been working as a solicitor there for 12 years and became a notary public...

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Subject: Общество

Svetlana Smetanina The 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica is celebrated in 2020 – 2021. However, its history still has some unknown pages. For example, few people know about a person, without whom both the expedition and the very discovery of the ice continent might not have taken place. We are talking about Ivan Ivanovich de Traversay (French: Jean Baptiste Prevost de Sansac, marquis de Traversay), Minister of the Navy. Vitaly Sychev, a member of the Russian Geographical Society and expert of IOC UNESCO, has shared some interesting details. - You have been studying history of the discovery...

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Subject: Travel

Svetlana Smetanina Thousands of Montenegrins celebrated the opposition's victory in the elections. Photo credit: The opposition bloc won at the parliamentary elections held in Montenegro. Its position is considered pro-Serb and pro-Russian. Director of the Center for Contemporary Balkan Crisis Studies of the RAS Institute of Slavic Studies Dr. Elena Guskova believes that if the opposition succeeds in uniting efforts the country's foreign policy can seriously change. - For the first time in 30 years, the united opposition won the parliamentary elections in Montenegro. And a lot of people came to the...

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Subject: Общество

Svetlana Smetanina  The Youth Talks debate club at the Center for the Benelux Languages and Cultures has launched its new session on July 17th. The Center director Maria Pushkova and students Anna Balashova and Daniil Volkov talk about their projects, for the most part associated with commemoration of World War 2 and the Belgian Resistance. – Maria, what activities is the Center for the Benelux Languages and Cultures at the RSUH (Russian State University for the Humanities) engaged in? – I have worked in the Benelux Center since 2010 and been its director since 2017. Up to this point, the Center has been...

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Subject: Education


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Photo credit: Ri_Ya / Foreigners vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will be able to enter Israel from November 15, TASS reports. The Ministry of Health explained that at least two weeks and no more than six months should pass from the moment of... .
Photo credit: freeze frame / Russia criticized UNESCO's reluctance to comment on the situation with Scythian gold, TASS reports. According to deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) Pyotr Tolstoy, the organization... .
Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) The work of higher education institutions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic became the main topic of the online meeting of rectors of universities in Russia and Germany. In total, about 30 heads of educational institutions took part in the... .
Photo credit: (CC BY 4.0) Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU) are included in the top 150 best universities of the World Reputation Rankings... .
Photo credit: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the relations between Russia and South Korea dynamic and progressive. The minister spoke at the closing ceremony of the Year of Mutual Exchanges between the two countries. The large-scale project was timed... .