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Sergei Vinogradov From an early age the famous explorer Matvey Shparo has followed in the steps (or more accurately, the ski trails) of his legendary father Dmitry Shparo, whose records expanded the boundaries of human ability. Matvey has completed dozens of unique arctic expeditions on skis, made it into the Guinness Book of World Records, and earned national awards. In an interview with Russkiy Mir the explorer told us that the Arctic is for him a love and a challenge. – Many encyclopedias call you a polar explorer. Is this a fair definition, considering the fact that you’ve made...

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Sergei Vinogradov Photo: Iuri Kashin Letters from the front constitute the basis for new tourist routes that are opening in various parts of Russia this year. The eight winners have been announced in a contest for historical military routes called “Take pride, country, in your valiant sons!” Sightseers visit memorable locations connected to World War Two, which are described by those who participated in these events in letters to their loved ones. The authors of three winning routes gave tours to a correspondent from Russkiy Mir. Viewing history through the testimony of those who lived it isn’t a...

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One of the key initiatives for the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature was a trip taken by Russian and British writers along the Trans-Siberian railway. Above all, the English were impressed by Russian train attendants, Siberian Shakespeare fans, and the simple fact that Siberia turned out not to be a vacant landscape, but instead a populated land with cities of millions. On 14-16 March, they will talk about their trip at the London Book Fair. What better way to become acquainted with Russia than a journey by train through the entire country? The British Council agreed and invited several guests on a trip down the...

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How do we make Russian-speaking young people from the former Soviet republics visit Crimea? This was the question to be answered by the participants of the International Roundtable Discussion “Crimea Youth Tourism: Modern Conditions and Development Prospects”, which was held at the Russkiy Mir Foundation building.      Representatives of the Crimean leadership, public persons, and heads of travelling agencies and young compatriots from the former Soviet republics took part in the discussion.     According to the deputy Head of the Republic of Crimea, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea to the...

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When pupils of the “Detsky Gorodok” extra-curricular Russian School in Zurich were asked which city in Russia they would like to visit, they answered unequivocally: St Petersburg. They explained their choice simply; the city is the capital of culture in Russia and the place where the Russian language is spoken most eloquently. “I loved St Petersburg. Wherever we went there was something fun and interesting to see or do. I would be very happy to go back to this beautiful Russian city with my classmates and teachers at the Russian School”, wrote Russian-School pupil David. He studies the Russian language at...

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One of the surprises of the summer: the mass of tourists between longtime rivals - Sochi and the Crimea - Crimea chooses Tourists voting with their feet The Dorokhov family from Moscow closed the option of Sochi for themselves. To be more exact, they bought a 2-week tour to the apart-hotel "Panda shelter" in Krasnaya Polyana, where they went skiing in winter, but kept away from in summer. Booking the hotel beforehand, the Dorokhovs were ready to pay 33 thousand rubles per person for 12 days ( the family consists of 4 people). However, on the ground it turned out that...

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Photo credit: Free-Photos / Foreign musicians often turn to the performance of famous Russian songs. They record Russian and Soviet hits not for the Russian-speaking audience, but for local fans. REN TV spoke about the growing popularity of Russian-style parties in... .
Photo credit: M. Denisov / (CC BY 4.0) Over the past year, Moscow has become safer, as well as improved ecology and medicine. This is evidenced by the Numbeo ranking of cities. The ranking is compiled on the basis of Internet voting. In the crime category, Moscow was named... .
Photo credit: The All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean" / Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Chub, who was preparing for a trip to the United States to train at the Lyndon Johnson Space Center, has been denied a US visa. The cosmonaut , whose flight to the... .
Photo credit: V. Novikov / Press Service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow / (CC BY 4.0) Moscow has applied to host the World Universal Exhibition (EXPO) in 2030. If Moscow wins the bid, it will be the first time Russia hosts the largest exhibition in the world, the... .
Photo credit: MasterTux / 217 athletes are going to represent Russia at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, which will open on February 4. The entire Russian delegation includes 509 people. 109 sets of medals will be awarded at the Games, TASS reports.   The first... .