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The Russkiy Mir Foundation is engaged in educational projects aimed at supporting the teaching and learning of the Russian language and Russian literature, acquainting foreign audiences with the achievements of Russian culture and raising the profile of Russian educational services abroad. The Foundation provides organizational and financial support for expert, academic and educational exchanges.

The Russkiy Mir Professor program

Updated version approved by the Board of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the Russkiy Mir Professor program comes into efect on February 1, 2018

The current program formalizes one of the major directions of educational projects supported by the Russkiy Mir Foundation. It aims at systemizing the placement of the Russian specialists invited by foreign partners abroad, and to organize Russian language and other subjects' training on site, giving preference to the most important projects.

It is expected that in the frames of the Russkiy Mir Professor program the Foundation will enable foreign and Russian educational institutions (and also to individuals (authorized by a special decision) to receive grants (donations) on a competitive basis. The project aims at teaching abroad by experts in Russian studies.

At this, the implementation of training programs may vary from few days to one week, a month, several months, but not more then one calendar year. The form of lectures or lessons series is not excluded, when one teacher or a group of teachers consecutively deliver instructions in various institutions/schools of one region. It will surely require coordinating interaction by all parties involved. Upon consideration of the training courses' applications certain decisions have to be taken. All applications have to present following information on each project: precise realization dates, curriculum, a number of class hours, target audience, outcomes of monitoring and learning (exam, credit, test, etc.) To avoid situation when only sending institution or an individual applicant are interested, the ofcial interest of the hosting party is one of the essential grant requirements.

The demand for the Russian language in a country or a region, the scope of the audience, the teacher's competence, a possibility of co-fnancing from the sending or receiving side, support of the Russian authorities and other relevant parameters might afect the decision making as well.

It shouldn't be hard to fll out the application, prepare necessary documents, and subsequently report on a project for those who know the rules of the well- established Grant Program of the Foundation. Russkiy Mir Professor program is keen to engage the Grant Program expertise.

Those who wish to apply for the Russkiy Mir Professor program can acknowledge the approved program regulations and download the application draft.

The completed applications should be forwarded to [email protected]

REGULATIONS on Russkiy Mir Professor program

Application for financial support from the Russkiy Mir Foundation within the frames of the Russkiy Mir Professor program

Learning Programs

An online beginners class for the study of Russian as a foreign language, including two basic courses with supplemental language learning materials.

Start Learning!

Where to study Russian?

If you are interested in studying Russian, see the Education section of the Russkiy Mir Catalog.

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