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Russkiy Mir Foundation grants are available in the form of a conditional cash transfer (CCT), provided irretrievably and at no cost on a competitive basis to organizations and entities under the terms and conditions provided by the Foundation, and with obligatory reporting about the appropriate use of the funds received (hereinafter – the Report).

The application for a the Russkiy Mir Foundation grant must be filled out in Russian language.

Grant applications are accepted two times each year:

1. Spring Session - from 1 February to 15 March.

2. Fall Session - from 1 August to 15 September.

The Foundation provides grants in the following areas:

1. Projects focused on Russian language promotion.

2. Projects focused on cultural and humanitarian issues.

Projects focused on Russian language promotion should be dedicated to:

· teaching Russian language, including teaching in educational institutions abroad, and teaching Russian as a second language (RSL);

competence development and further training for teachers of Russian language and literature from schools, universities, and other educational institutions abroad;

developing new training modules, textbooks, teaching aids, and other materials intended to help those who learn and teach Russian language and literature abroad;

developing multimedia educational resources and distance teaching system for teaching Russian language and literature;

methodological and other support for Russian language schools abroad;

conducting public forums, conferences, round tables, festivals, days of Russian language and other similar activities aimed to promote Russian language and literature;

organization of academic competitions and contests of Russian language and literature;

promoting Russian language and literature through mass media, including social and electronic media;

other events, aimed at the publicizing and promoting the Russian language and literature, as well as supporting related study programs abroad.

Cultural and humanitarian projects should be dedicated to:

conducting public forums, conferences, round tables, and seminars dedicated to Russian studies, including Russian history and culture, and Russia's role in the world civilization development;

release and promotion of Russian-language mass media, including electronic, social media and other informational resources;

conducting events aiming to preserve historical memory;

planning and conducting exhibitions, release of photo books, creating video content on the Russian world and its distinguished figures;

organization of thematic festivals, celebrations, performance contests, competitions of author songs and Russian romances, Russian spiritual culture events;

arranging other cultural and humanitarian events dedicated to the Russian culture within the context of world culture.



The status of grant applications can be viewed on the Russian version of the Russkiy Mir Foundation internet portal. The Foundation updates the status of grant applications upon initial review by grant managers and the final expert review. Applications that do not meet the conditions stipulated in the Grant Provision Statues are not subject to a final expert review. Grant applications may be supported in full or in part. The Foundation may request additional information from applicants prior to completing the expert review.

In accordance with the Grant Provision Statutes, there are two time periods each year when the Foundation accepts grant applications for consideration: 1 February - 15 March; 1 August - 15 September. Upon receipt of an application, the Foundation assigns it a registration number and posts the number and name of applicant on the internet portal, where the applicant can track the status of his application. The Foundation does not personally inform applicants whose applications have not been accepted for expert review or not approved.

Click here to see the status of grants on the Russian version of the portal.

For more information about the grant application procedure, please see the Grant Provision Statutes.

You may address your questions on the Foundation’s grant program to

grant Projects

Concerts dedicated to Russian culture were held in various cities of Bulgaria, including Plovdiv, Haskovo, Tryavna, Sofia, Dobrich, Dimitrovgrad, Blagoevgrad, Shumen, Targovishte, and Kableshkovo, as part of the "Art Saves the World" project from November 4 to December 4. The initiative was organized by the art center Slavic Culture with support from the Russkiy Mir Foundation.
Various events in France featured the presentation of The Path to Love bilingual two-volume edition in October-November. Published with the backing of the Russkiy Mir Foundation. The edition commemorates the 205th anniversary of Ivan Turgenev's birth.