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Photo: juliacasado1 / Italy today remains Russia's closest partner in the European Union, the Italian politician Vito Petrocelli is sure, RIA Novosti reports. The head of the standing committee of the Italian Senate on foreign affairs and migration spoke about this... .
Photo credit: BIBLIORING BIBLIORING / The results of the Open Your Mouth reading aloud championship were summed up in Jordan, according to the Russian-speaking residents of Jordan page on Facebook. The participants of the competition were preparing for a... .
Photo credit: Free-Photos / Russian snowboarders at competitions in Slovenia became twice world champions and three times prize-winners of the championship. The World Championship was held in parallel disciplines. According to the leaders of the Russian national team,... .
On the eve of March 8, a unique collection of Soviet postcards covering the period from 1930 to 1980 is presented at the Russian Center of the University of Buenos Aires. It shows how the gender profile in society and the place of women in it has changed. ... .