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About 60 monuments to Yuri Gagarin erected around the world in 10 years

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About 60 monuments to Yuri Gagarin erected around the world in 10 years


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The "Dialogue of Cultures - One World" Foundation has installed dozens of monuments to Yuri Gagarin in many countries of the world - from Argentina to China, from the USA to Australia. By the 60th anniversary of the first flight into space, the number of monuments approached 60. The foundations gets help from Russian compatriots, according to Nika TV.

The first monument was erected by the foundation in the Kaluga region exactly ten years ago, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space. According to Ruslan Bayramov, President of the foundation, it was then that the idea emerged “to give the world busts and monuments as far as we have strength and capabilities,” because not all countries know and remember about Gagarin and his flight.

Models of monuments and busts were created in the Kaluga region, they were cast in bronze in Zhukovsky, and from there were scattered around the world. The opening of monuments is traditionally widespread. In France, the monument to Gagarin was placed on the bridge, in Italy, the monument became the venue for mass celebrations. In Erfurt, Germany, a monument reminds of Gagarin's visit.

The leader in the number of monument to the first cosmonaut among foreign countries is the United States. Monuments in honor of Gagarin are installed in Washington, Chicago, Colorado, Cleveland and other cities. In Houston, a monument near one of the first NASA headquarters was erected with the participation of the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

Russian compatriots in different countries provide active assistance in the installation of monuments to Gagarin. It is noted that they are negotiating with local authorities and embassies. Approval takes about two years on average.

At the moment, they are preparing to install the busts to Yuri Gagarin in Ashgabat, Nigeria, the Seychelles and Mauritius. The project is known in many countries of the world, and representatives of cities often ask the fund to erect a monument to the first cosmonaut. Recently, such a proposal was received from Glasgow.

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