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Photo credit: The German company Security-Robotics has hired the Russian robot Promobot. It now serves as a security guard, RIA Novosti reports. The robot patrols the territory, conducts video surveillance of employees and visitors, and keeps order. The Promobot...

30.07.2021 Subject: Technology

Photo credit: Dage - Looking For Europe - Ruska Cesta - Ruska Kapelica - Ruska Kapela / (CC BY 2.0) The annual memorial celebrations began on Friday, July 30, in Slovenia. Traditionally, they are held at the Russian Chapel on the Vršić Alpine Pass. These days, Slovenes and Russians gather to honor...

30.07.2021 Subject: Community

Photo credit. (CC BY 4.0) More than 100 digital copies of documents, photographs, maps and other rarities from the funds of the Moscow Victory Museum have become exhibits of the Second Front exhibition, which opened at the International Research Center of World War II in Maribor, Slovenia. The center is located in...

30.07.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: Millitary_Material/Pixabay  Russian tourists, who were evacuated the day before, on July 29, together with other guests of the Titanic hotel in the Turkish region of Bodrum, returned to their place of residence in the evening. The evacuation was caused by forest fires approaching the hotel, RIA Novosti...

30.07.2021 Subject: Community


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New Publications

Russian movie Major Grom: Plague Doctor based on the namesake comic book series, has immediately become the leader once it was launched at the Netflix platform. It has entered top-10 in 64 countries, and got the first place in 15 countries’ rating.
In the early 20th century, there were hardly any memoirists, including Russian classics, who overlooked such a personality as Sergei Utochkin. He left his mark in history as a pioneer of aviation but his contemporaries remembered him as a wonder-hero for whom nothing is impossible. The wonder-hero Sergei Utochkin was born 145 years ago.
Even members of Joseph Billings’ Russian expedition who arrived in Alaska reported about many baptized local residents and their knowledge of Orthodox traditions. It was rather surprising since back then no Orthodox priests had visited the shores of Alaska yet. So who were the first Orthodox baptizers in North America?
RSL - Reboot 2021: Lessons from the Pandemic forum in Moscow brought together teachers of Russian as a foreign language from all over Russia and abroad. The head of the forum organizing committee Oleg Ilyasov talks about the new lessons RSL teachers have learned during the pandemic.
Founder and co-owner of the museum of plasticine mini-sculpture located in the Moscow Izmaylovo Kremlin Sergey Olyunin elaborates Russkiy Mir on how his project came about and on its major exhibitions.