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In honor of the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Russian Center in Nuremberg announced the "The virtual flight of the dove of peace" action. The purpose of the action is to convey to the generation of modern children the knowledge at what cost the Victory was won, to give children an...

06.05.2021 Subject: History

Photo credit: Chad Husby / (CC BY-SA 1.0) May marks the 120th anniversary of the laying in New York of the foundation stone for St. Nicholas Cathedral, which is called the center of Orthodoxy in North America. The first contribution for the construction of the cathedral...

05.05.2021 Subject: Religion

Free screenings of the Last Frontier military drama (the local title is Podolsk cadets) will be held worldwide to celebrate Victory day. The movie is dedicated to the little-known events of the defense of Moscow - the feat of young cadets of the Podolsk infantry and artillery schools in October 1941.  ...

Rubric: Grant news
Subject: Community

Photo credit: kaboompics / The 1st woman astronaut from the Muslim country,  Nora Al Matrooshi, is going to learn Russian, reports. She was selected to the United Arab Emirates astronaut team. Together with her, Muhammad al-Mulla is preparing for the...

03.05.2021 Subject: Space

Photo credit: hrypov / Orthodox believers celebrate Easter on Sunday, May 2, TASS reports. The main Christian holiday, dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion, symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, life over death. ...

02.05.2021 Subject: Religion


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“Life of young people during pandemics in Russia and the US” is the topic of Zoom conversation between Lomonosov MSU students and the Russkiy Mir classroom- NAU (Northern Arizona University). The meeting host is Larisa Brener, Europe and Eurasia Initiatives Coordinator at NAU, Flagstaff, Arizona.
Balalaika Battle 29.04.2021
The I International online contest “Balalaika - Soul of Russia” brought together participants from all over the country, as well as from Ukraine, Belarus, and the Donetsk People's Republic. Mikhail Kiselev, director of the Moscow festival "Balalaika - Soul of Russia", said that today balalaika was associated not only with folk tunes, but quite modern music, and even jazz.
A sign of the new era is vaccine tourism to Russia. Foreigners are officially allowed to be vaccinated against coronavirus in the country. And it is quite easy to do this, whereas in most European countries those wishing to get vaccinated will have to stay for a long time on the waitlist. There were plenty of people willing to buy such an unusual tour. The Germans were the first to come to Moscow for the life-saving vaccine.
When he was about 10 years old, Devadatta Rajadhyaksha read the book The Adventures of Dennis, by Victor Dragunsky. Rajadhyaksha was mesmerized by naughty little Dennis, who kept grass snakes, lizards, and frogs in his pockets, made funny faces in front of the mirror, and liked to hop and skip. The book was originally written in Russian, but Rajadhyaksha read the book in his mother tongue, Marathi, as Dennis Chya Goshti. Rajadhyaksha is now in his forties, and the book is still a favorite.  Thanks to nostalgia, the literary legacy of the USSR has a long afterlife!
Soviet cars are greeted with welcoming car klaxons honking on the streets of New York, Berlin or Tokyo. It's a long time since German students bought Zhiguli cars, and French farmers acquired Lada Niva. As of today, collectors are chasing Volga, Pobeda (Victory) and Moskvich (Muscovite), which are exhibited in museums and in public squares. For many foreigners, Soviet cars are curiosity and novelty, but for Russian compatriots they symbolize nostalgia and connection with their homeland.