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Australia hosts television festival dedicated to Cosmonautics Day

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Australia hosts television festival dedicated to Cosmonautics Day


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More than 2,000 Russian-speaking viewers from different countries joined the live broadcast held in honor of the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space by the Australian television company RusTalk TV. The broadcast took place on the TV company's YouTube channel and in social networks, according to the website of the Council of Russian Compatriots in Australia.

The 3-hour event was called a television festival, since the program included a variety of events: meetings with cosmonauts, an intellectual game, an exhibition, a concert and much more.

It turned out to be interesting to communicate with Russian cosmonauts Andrey Borisenko and Mark Serov, who took part in the live broadcast. The cosmonauts talked about flights into orbit and life on the ISS. Also, a photo exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the first man's flight into space and the game “What? Where? When?" with questions on the space theme.

The screenings of children's stories about space, which took place in the final of the international competition, turned out to be bright. Young journalists and animators from Australia, Greece, Mongolia and other countries presented their works. The names of the winners were announced live.

The concert part included songs on a space theme. The remoteness of the participants and spectators from each other did not prevent the organization of a live concert.

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