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Moskino Films Festival starts in Dubai

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Moskino Films Festival starts in Dubai


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The screening of the "Salyut-7" drama, which was the opening film of the Moskino Films Festival in Dubai, was a great success. There are no empty seats left for the rest of the films on the festival program, TASS reports.

The festival is held within the framework of the Expo-2020 international exhibition. The venue for the festival is one of the largest cinema complexes in the Middle East.

Historical and adventure films, dramas and comedies will be screened during the festival. Tis list includes "T-34", "The Icebreaker", "Battle for Sevastopol," and others.

The organizers  hope that the festival will become an additional incentive for the development of cooperation , which unites Moscow and Dubai.

The Russian pavilion is one of the largest at the world exhibition. ts area reaches almost 5,000 square meters. The pavilion is a unique structure in the form of a sphere over 25 meters high.

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