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Geographical and Ecological Dictations composed in Istanbul

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Geographical and Ecological Dictations composed in Istanbul


The Russian Center of the Russian Society for Education, Cultural and Business Cooperation in Istanbul joined Geographical Dictation international educational campaign.

Since 2015, an annual initiative has aimed to boost geographical knowledge and interest in geographical science. The event, called Geographical Dictation, has growing participation worldwide. It takes place in diverse locations, including universities, ships, trains, the North Pole, Antarctica, and even in space.

The campaign has become international in 2017, spanning 25 countries and expanding to 88 subjects in Russia last year. With 7464 sites in Russia and 237 abroad, participants answer geography-related questions anonymously, ranging from well-known facts to tasks requiring imaginative thinking and deep erudition.

Our society actively engages in this event, with compatriots and Turkish students participating. They tackle tasks created not only by professional scientists but also by geography enthusiasts, with over half of the questions contributed by participants in geographical competitions.

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