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Russia named best country to start professional career

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Russia named best country to start professional career


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Russia took the 1st place in the ranking of countries with the most favorable environment for starting a professional career, TASS reports. She overtook Italy, France, Great Britain and Qatar. In the ranking of the most attractive countries for receiving education for students from abroad, Russia is on the tenth line.

The corresponding list is compiled each year by the US News & World Report. The ratings take into account many criteria, the number of which has exceeded 75 this year. These include entrepreneurship, openness to business, quality of life, cultural impact, tourism.

In the general list, which consists of 78 participants, Russia occupies the24th position, which is one point lower than in last year's list. Canada is in first place, Japan is in 2nd place, Germany closes the top three. Switzerland and Australia are also in the top 5.

In the sub-rating of the most powerful countries, Russia took the 3rd position, the compilers brought the USA and China to the 1st and 2nd places accordingly.

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