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Russian diplomats: Western curators are turning Ukraine into "powder keg" of Europe

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Russian diplomats: Western curators are turning Ukraine into "powder keg" of Europe


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Curators of the Kiev authorities, the United States and NATO are practically making a "powder keg" of Europe out of Ukraine, said Yulia Zhdanova, a representative of the Russian delegation at the Vienna talks. She said this during a speech in the Austrian capital, where issues related to the topics of military security and arms control are discussed, TASS reports.

The countries of the OSCE gathered for an emergency meeting at the request of Kiev. It concerns increased military activity on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Moscow opposed the adoption of any decisions at this meeting. Russian diplomats believe that Kiev's external curators are pushing Ukraine to adopt a military solution to the conflict in Donbass. Despite the fact that both Washington and NATO have repeatedly assured that they remain committed to a peaceful settlement, they are turning Ukraine into a "powder keg" of the European continent. This is evidenced by the fact that the West is allocating funds for the Ukrainian army, training Ukrainian military personnel. The countries of the North Atlantic Alliance are sending military equipment and ammunition to Ukraine.

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