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Tallinn and 15 Russian cities intend to be the Total Dictation capital

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Tallinn and 15 Russian cities intend to be the Total Dictation capital


Anton UmnitsynPopular voting for choosing the capital for Total Dictation annual Russian literacy test starts today, November 13th. They can choose one of 16 cities on the project website. Five leaders will bring their presentations to Novosibirsk conference where the final winner will be selected. Applications were accepted from cities where Russian language literacy test took place at least once and was completed by at least 1000 people.

According to the head of committee Olga Rebkovets the fair and aggressive competition is expected. Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Moscow and other cities will participate in it.

Tallinn has also claimed to be Total Dictation capital. It is remarkable that more than 2000 people have gathered in the course of two last years in Tondiraba Ice Hall of Estonian capital to write the test. It is an obvious record among foreign cities.

The literacy test writer will come to the winning city to recite the text, which to be broadcasted in real time.

As we reported before, Total Dictation educational campaign was conducted in more than 860 locations on all continents. The test was had to be cancelled due to the threats received from radicals. The famous Russian writer Leonid Yuzefovich has composed the literacy test this year. Next Total Dictation will happen on April, 14 2019.

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