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9th Salon of Russian Books opens in Paris

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9th Salon of Russian Books opens in Paris


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The 9th Salon of Russian Books opens today at the Russian Spiritual and Cultural Orthodox Center in Paris opens today, on December 1. The Salon anticipates the participation of over 60 authors, with around 15 poets, writers, and specialists journeying from Russia. French authors like Jacques Beau, Lucien Cerise, and Nikola Mirkovic, as well as historian Annie Lacroix-Reese, Bastien Lucquia (creator of the comic book "Crime and Punishment" based on Dostoevsky), and many more will attend the event. 

This year the event will pay tribute to the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. A photo exhibition in the foyer of the center will be dedicated to the poet and futurist. 

The grand opening of the salon will take place on December, 1, at 18:00. On the 2nd of December at 17:00, poets hailing from Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, and Tatarstan, both French and Russian, will gather to share their verses. The literary celebration will commence with a speech from Dmitry Bak, the director of the State Literary Museum of Russia.

The event promises more than just poetry; attendees can visit the concert and screenings of classic Russian films. There will be morning classes for children on December 2-3 from 11:00 to 11:30, featuring master classes led by Russian children's book authors.

For literary enthusiasts, the salon will host 14 publishing houses, approximately 30 independent authors, and the main bookstore, la librairie Vincent. A diverse array of genres and themes from classical to contemporary Russian literature will be on display, including works inspired by Russia, children's books in Russian, albums, anthologies, and bilingual publications.

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